Global Communication Log for Vifor Pharma Testing Trials


Communication Log

Case Study

the Client

Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation, at the time of the project, were a global pharmaceuticals company focused on identifying, developing, and, upon approval, commercializing evidence-based medicines for patients living with less common diseases. Aspreva common stock was traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the trading symbol “ASPV” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “ASV”.

Aspreva was purchased by Vifor Pharma for just under one million dollars.

the Challenge

Aspreva were conducting medical trials. The capture of questions, communication, notes and comments from a number of medical practitioners and patients was critical. Helpdesks located in different time zones were responsible for this task. These helpdesks were specialised, manned by senior medical practitioners. It was imperative that all decisions, responses and communication threads would be recorded without the ability to make retrospective changes for auditing and legal purposes.

It was imperative that communication threads were easy to find due to the nature of the engagements.

the Solution

Leopard were responsible for the design, development, implementation and support of a tamper-proof web-based system. For this project ASP.NET was chosen as the preferred web platform due to it’s suitability and the fact that it formed part of the preferred architecture for the client. Microsoft SQL Server was their preferred database back-end.  

Effective web forms were developed to enable the users to find communication threads quickly, easily and with minimum risk of missing essential information. In essence this formed the basis of a ticketing system. A number of built-in reports enabled Aspreva to keep track of issues and ensure that nothing fell through the cracks.

the Results

The result was a satisfactory global web-based system to record essential communication and decisions and to report on this information. Key personnel were able to review communication threads to ensure that responses were timeous and appropriate. Due to the nature of the medical trials this was well received by Aspreva, and the solution was deemed fit for purpose.

Case StudyNigel Ivy