3 reasons you need a Data Review


Why a Data Review?

The volume of digital data that we generate grows every day and reviewing your data and really understanding the value that it has, is hugely important. Many companies have data, but many still don’t use it well, and don’t realise the how much money might be hidden in their data. 

At Leopard, we know how to work with digital data and we understand the value that your data can have. One of the reasons that we offer a Data Review is that we would like the opportunity to show you how valuable your data is and what you can potentially do with it to increase the profitability of your business. With this in mind, we’ve designed a data review that we believe will help you to achieve greatness in your business.

3 reasons why you need a Data Review

  1. A Gold MineYou could be sitting on a gold mine in your data, that you don’t realise yet. We would like to help you to make informed decisions that transform your business and increase profit. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our customers to realise the gold mine of their data:
    • By better understanding customer churn or customer behaviour.
    • Optimising parts of your business operations to reduce opex (e.g. supply chain).
    • Using your data to manage and improve your business by understanding where opportunity lies (e.g. business intelligence, market intelligence, data analysis, data mining).
  2. Efficiency. Some aspects of your business could be streamlined by using your data well to thereby reduce costs. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our customers to improve efficiency in their business:
    • IT system rationalisation to reduce opex.
    • Avoid duplication, combine your data sets and provide key information for decision making purposes and eliminate databases that are no longer used, are out of date
    • Using your data to optimise your org chart and optimise your business teams.
  3. Compliance and Data Quality. So many businesses are constrained by compliance regulations. Your digital data is the key to tracking your compliance and you could use it to be proactive in terms of regulatory or client contractual requirements while reducing the need for labour intensive and often unreliable processes. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our customers to ensure compliance and data quality:
    • Data driven tracking of compliance with legislation.
    • Help you to design and implement a master data management process and policy to ensure data quality. We find many organisations are making important business decisions based on incomplete and/or inaccurate data “rubbish in, rubbish out”
    • Secure your data with best practice solution architecture.
    • Reduce the probability of your data getting lost.
    • Ensure all important data has an “owner” who takes responsibility for its maintenance and security to ensure compliance and quality.
    • Correct and effective archiving can be actioned to ensure compliance.
    • To ensure that data is shared with the correct audience, and not with unauthorised parties.

Why is Data so important?

Organisations are gathering more and more digital data. The problem is that things get messy; even with the best intentions databases and spreadsheets seem to spring up everywhere. There is risk of lost data and even worse, unsecured and uncontrolled highly confidential data. According to Legal IT Insider(legaltechnology.com) within law firms a total of 187 incidents were recorded in 2014, with 173 firms investigated for a variety of DPA related incidents, of which 29% related to ‘security’ and 26% related to incorrect ‘disclosure of data’. In highly regulated environments the reputational damage of such breaches can be significant, so they are unacceptable, and appropriate steps should be taken to minimise these types of risks. 

What is the Data Review?

The Leopard Data Review is a systematic process where we research an organisation’s digital data. The various data sets are documented with a view to mitigating the issues and risks listed above. This forms the basis for a dynamic data register, something that can be controlled and maintained by our clients going forward.

The Data Review is a standalone product, so you’re not tying yourself into a long term contract. There are clear deliverables that you will receive. If you choose to use Leopard to help implement the recommendations that we make in the Data Review, we’ll give you the Data Review for FREE.

We believe that through our experience in this industry, the Data Review is a value-add product that will help you to grow your business and really understand what your data landscape looks like.

What do I get from the Data Review?

Leopard come into your organisation and spend up to five man-days working with your teams to analyse and understand your business and digital data landscape. We document what we find, identify risks and issues that we uncover in the process and provide you with a road map of how you can mitigate those issues with recommendations of what you should do.

At the end of the Data Review, you’ll receive a document that:

  • Contains a professional review of your databases and data infrastructure.
  • Summarises our findings with our recommendations on your future data strategy.
  • Sets out our recommendations and a road map on how to achieve those recommendations.

* All offerings in this document are subject to the Leopard Business Solutions Ltd standard Data Review Terms and Conditions.


Nigel Ivy